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What is the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce?

Mission Statement

The North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce (NVRCC) supports our members by creating community to offer opportunities to grow, learn, and advance. We expand our reach to encourage connections, becoming a beacon of information and collaboration with the Northern San Fernando Valley businesses and neighborhoods.

Vision Statement

To be the premier chamber in the Northern San Fernando Valley for all community-based projects, business advocacy, education, and innovative solutions, becoming the one Valley voice.

Chamber Building
North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce located at the historic Rancho de Cordillera

How does the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce achieve its mission?

The North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet, develop relationships, partake in professional development programs, and exchange business referrals.

Each month, members have the opportunity to participate in the LunchNet and Breakfast meetings, Education Connection, and educational and social events offered. We are also a founder of the Speaking Your Business Toastmasters group, held the first and third Tuesday evening of each month. NVRCC sponsors workshops designed to provide our members with the latest business management tools and other programs of interest to business owners and managers.

Why should I support the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce?

The North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce supports you in every way we can! There are numerous reasons for joining beyond what is mentioned above. NVRCC, in association with the Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA) and The Valley Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley, actively advocates on a state, local, and federal level on behalf of the interests of the business community. Advocacy initiatives include tax reduction, worker's comp reform, land-use planning, and economic development initiatives that enhance economic vitality. These initiatives indirectly impact your business. NVRCC is also a member of the Save Small Business Coalition, established to combat small businesses' perils during difficult economic times.

The Bottom Line

The North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce has hundreds of relationships with local businesses, state and local officials, and business and community activists. In turn, our relationships have the effect of turning into your relationships and your best source of business referrals! Why not take advantage of the opportunity to turn people you know into a "sales force" for your business? The North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce, through its multitude of programs, events, and services, provides that opportunity!

NVRCC is diligently working for you daily! Becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce is the best "Insurance Policy" you could buy your business! Contact the Chamber office today to find out more at: (818) 349-5676.