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Historic Chamber Has An Extraordinary New Home

Cherry Henricks

The historic Rancho de Cordillera on the southwest corner of Nordhoff Street and Wilbur Avenue is the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce’s new home.  The location is a perfect fit for the Chamber, which was founded in 1917. The property bears witness to some of the original landscaping and much of the charm of early Northridge.  The Rancho is part of one of the original ranches which still exists in the San Fernando Valley.  

The Chamber is located in the Carriage House on the property. Although not original to the Rancho, this building features a Southwestern style allowing it to blend in with other nearby structures. Its extensive patios and lawn areas provide large outdoor spaces for NVRCC to host events as soon as the COVID restrictions are lifted.  There is abundant parking.  

“We are so excited to have not only this historic building as our new office, but also the ability to host lovely outdoor chamber events.  The Chamber will eventually open up the space to be used by our members”, said Nancy Hofmeister, President/CEO.

With its rich history in mind, the Chamber has decorated the walls of the new office with an array of Northridge and San Fernando Valley photos dating back to as early as 1929. The photos were generously loaned to the Chamber by Andrea Alvarado, a long-time resident and community activist.  NRVCC looks to expand this collection bit by bit, so there is always more history to showcase.  

Another benefit of the new location is having the Museum of the San Fernando Valley as a new neighbor.  The Museum has also leased space on the Rancho grounds to house their growing collections and more space to hold exhibits and events.  Together, the Chamber and the Museum share a powerful history.  

The Rancho is owned by Elizabeth Waldo, a renowned concert violinist and composer who lives within the extensive property.  Dr. Carl Dentzel, Elizabeth’s late husband, was responsible for renaming Northridge from its original name of Zelzah.  Rancho de Cordillera translates into English as the “Ranch of the North Ridge” and is now Northridge.  A picture of Dr. Dentzel planting trees along Reseda Boulevard in 1938 hangs in the Chamber’s offices.

NVRCC’s office is accessed from the main Wilbur Avenue gate. The Carriage House is just inside that gate at 9015 Wilbur Ave.  

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